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Ecotourism in Africa

We at One With Africa are long time environmentalists/conservationists and bring this focus to our company.  Long before the term eco-tourism came into vogue, we have been passionate about protecting nature and its environs.  To this, we add a strong commitment to the well being of the local people.  We work solely with companies that mirror our philosophy of sustainable tourism and who make significant contributions to the areas in which they operate.

We are sending you into some of the most pristine places left on earth and we want to ensure that our impact is minimal.  To this end, the camps we select take their stewardship duties seriously.  From conserving water, to using solar power, to disposing of waste in an environmentally friendly manner, they are constantly thinking of ways to better protect and conserve their resources.

They work closely with the local population to ensure that they benefit from the tourism dollars generated by the camps.  This takes many forms and includes direct payments, training, the building of schools and medical clinics as well as the creation of jobs. In this way, the rural people have a direct economic incentive to nurture the land and to become its best custodians.

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There is much involvement in wildlife management practices.  You will find that several of the camps have a special connection to the conservation of a particular animal whether it be the reintroduction of rhinos, wild dog research, elephant research, or the safeguarding of chimpanzees just to name a few.  Often we can arrange for you to participate in these conservation efforts.

This is just a brief overview of some of the many ways in which everyone with whom we deal is committed to conservation.  Each and every one of us realizes the uniqueness and delicate balance of this amazing land.  We feel very fortunate, indeed, to be involved with its magic on a daily basis.  You can be certain that your journey with us will be an environmentally responsible one.

ecotourism in africa
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