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Planning a trip of a life time to Africa can be a daunting experience.  There are so many countries from which to choose, things to do, places to stay…  How is a person to decide? 

That’s where One With Africa comes in.  We will listen to your thoughts, ideas and ramblings and will design a journey of a lifetime for you.  Forget daunting, we will make it fun and exciting.  Although each journey is custom tailored to our client’s needs we find that there are a few questions that most people have.  We hope these Q&A’s provide answers to your basic queries and we look forward to discussing your specific questions with you at length.

  1. Will I be safe?
  2. What will a safari cost?
  3. When is the best time to travel?
  4. What is the weather like?
  5. What should I pack?
  6. What might I expect of a typical day on safari?
  7. Will I need a passport and visa?
  8. What health precautions should I take?
  9. What is the small print?
  10. What are One With Africa’s Terms and Conditions?
  questions about traveling to africa
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