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what should I pack

You will receive a comprehensive list of what to pack with your final itinerary once we know where and when you will travel. 

However, as a general rule we suggest you bring casual, neutral colored, light weight, quick drying slacks, shorts and tops.  Bright colors including white are to be avoided since they are not good colors around wildlife.  You will not need many changes of clothes since most camps offer laundry service (excluding ladies’ personal items) at no cost.  Dress in the bush is quite casual and you will not need formal clothes unless you opt for travel by luxury rail or you plan to stay in a very posh hotel in a large city.  We will let you know if your itinerary requires this type of dress.

A hat, sunscreen, bug spray, camera and a good pair of sunglasses and binoculars are also a must.  We highly recommend that each person carry their own set of binoculars to get the most out of their trip.


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questions about traveling to africa
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