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what is the weather like in africa

As is happening in many parts of our world, temperature shifts are also occurring in Africa.  The answer to this question is also dependent on what country you choose to visit and when. 

For example, in the Okavango Delta in Botswana, the summers (October to April) are hot and wet with temperatures ranging from 104 degrees during the day and cooling to 77 degrees at night.  Winters (May to September) are dry and cool with nights becoming chilly.  This is in comparison to E. Africa where they experience 2 rainy seasons.  The short rains typically fall during November and the long rains come usually in April and May.  Temperatures in areas of Kenya and Tanzania vary greatly due to the various altitudes found in these two countries.

As we build your personal itinerary we will let you know what type of weather is typical for the places and time you choose to visit.


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questions about traveling to africa
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