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gorilla trekking in east africa


gorilla trekking

Tracking mountain gorillas requires patience and stamina often walking for hours in the mud and the wet.  It is a rare privilege reserved for the adventurous few who will unfailingly tell you that their effort is returned one hundred fold.

The mountain gorillas of Uganda, Rwanda and the Congo are in peril – only 700 remain.  In contrast, the lowland gorillas still number in the thousands but are more difficult to view since they are virtually un-habituated.

You will stay in eco-lodges specifically created to minimize their and your impact on the environment while still being sensitive to the needs of the local people.  Each lodge balances western comfort with the dictates of scarce resources.  Additionally, each reflects local architecture and incorporates ancient Indian concepts of harmonizing the energy of the buildings with the earth.

Bwindi Lodge – Uganda
Mount Gahinga Lodge – Uganda
Virunga Lodge - Rwanda


gorilla trekking in east africa bwindi lodge mount gahinga lodge virunga lodge
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