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east africa activities

When most people think of a safari they get an image of khaki clad, bush-hatted folks roaming around in vehicles in search of wild game.  You will most certainly do your fair share of this but we highly recommend incorporating some of these options to round out your safari experience.

activities in east africa
  1. africa by footOn Foot
    1.      Guided Walks / Walking Safaris
    2.      Fly Camping
    3.      Mountain Climbing
  2. africa by waterBy Water
    1.      Canoeing / Kayaking
    2.      Snorkeling / Scuba Diving
    3.      Fishing
  3. africa by airBy Air
    1.      Hot Air Balloon Safaris
  1. specialized african safarisSomething a Bit Different
    1.      Gorilla / Chimp Trekking
    2.      Equestrian Safaris
    3.      Camel Safaris
    4.      Cultural Immersion
    5.      Archeology and Rock Art
    6.      Bird Watching
activities in east and southern africa
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