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guided walks and safaris
A guided nature and/or game walk are one of the best ways to experience what the African bush is all about.  Offered at many camps, you can enjoy any length or pace of walk from an hour’s leisurely walk to a full day hike with picnic lunch. 

For those of you wanting an extended time in the bush on foot, we can arrange a walking safari with highly qualified guides. You will walk through varying landscapes to arrive at a tented camp that has been set up in anticipation of your arrival. 

 If you have a specific interest we can arrange for an expert guide or researcher in your particular field of interest to accompany you.

fly camping
The magical experience of camping in the wild with just a wispy net or tent between you and the sky is much better experienced than described.  Imagine sitting around a roaring camp fire after having enjoyed a delicious camp meal sipping a final nightcap.  You rise, stretch, and wander over to your “tent” where you snuggle under the covers enjoying the stars above and the abundant night sounds all around you.  Is that a lion’s roar you hear? 

fly camping in southern africa

What is that swishing you hear in the grasses surrounding your camp – leopard? antelope?  These are some of the thoughts that might cross your mind as you drift into contented slumber.

Many of the camps offer this not-to-be forgotten experience. Some charge an additional fee, some do not.


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