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It is a rare privilege to be amongst such a remote and
primitive people.  We, therefore, ask that you treat this
visit with the utmost respect.

lake eyasi

Although the shore of Lake Eyasi is rich in birdlife, you will come here to engage in a rare cultural experience.   This area is inhabited by small groups of bushmen - the Hadza and Watindiga who live in groups hunting with bow and arrow as well as gathering roots, tubers and wild fruits.  They live today much as humankind lived in the Stone Age. 

Hadzabe are the last remnants of a tribe of hunter gatherers that were pushed out of the Ngorongoro Crater and surrounding conservation area hundreds of years ago by incoming pastoralist groups.  Small in stature and speaking an ancient click dialect they survive by their ability to blend into and subsist through their surroundings.  A morning spent hunting and gathering with them is something you will not soon forget. 

This is not an experience for everyone.  It is raw and unvarnished.  It is highly probable that you will see behavior that to the western culture is considered inhumane to animals.  We suggest a stop here only to those who are truly interested in becoming intimately involved with a culture from a much earlier and primal age.

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